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Next seminar(s):
  • 2014-12-18 16:00, Fluid Mechanics
    Plasma actuator research at TU Delft. A review of the past years and some future directions
    Speaker: Marios Kotsonis from Delft University Of Technology, Aerospace Engineering. [link]
  • 2014-12-19 10:30, Licentiate Seminars
    Plasma actuators for separation control - design and application
    Speaker: Julie Vernet from KTH, Mekanik. [link]
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Master of Science in Engineering Mechanics
This highly competitive 2 year-long programme given in English provides a challenging and rewarding education leading to a degree that is internationally well-respected.

Specialization in Mechanics
Welcome to the Department of Mechanics at KTH ! We hope to invoke your interest in our activity and inform you about the role it may have in your education and professional development.

Linné FLOW Centre
Linné FLOW Centre is an outstanding environment for fundamental research in fluid mechanics, involving the Department of Mechanics, the Marcus Wallenberg Laboratory (MWL) and the Numerical Analysis Group.

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