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Rebecca Lingwood

Phone: +46 8 790 75 82
Fax: +46 8 790 76 54
E-mail: lingwood@mech.kth.se
WWW: Personal homepage


1992: BA (Hons) Engineering, Class 1* distinction: Cambridge University.
1995: MA and PhD Engineering/Applied Mathematics: Cambridge University.
2005: MA: Oxford University.

Professional history

1995-1997: Maudslay Research Fellowship, Pembroke College, Cambridge.
1997-2000: Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Research Fellowship.
1997-2000: Fellow, Pembroke College, Cambridge.
1997-1999: Director of Studies (Engineering), Pembroke College, Cambridge.
1999-2000: Chargé de recherche, Laboratoire d’Hydrodynamique, École Polytechnique, France.
2001-2003: Intellectual Property and Research Manager, Opsys Ltd, Oxford.
2003-2005: Aerospace & Automotive Programme Manager, Begbroke Directorate, University of Oxford.
2003-2005: Part-time secondment to the Faraday Advance Partnership in Aerospace and Automotive Materials, University of Oxford.
2003-2005: Oxford University Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Manager, Oxford University KTP Office, Begbroke Directorate, University of Oxford.
2004: Chartered membership of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, CEng MIMechE.
2005-2009: Director, Continuing Professional Development, and Deputy Director, Department for Continuing Education, Oxford University.
2005-2009: Fellow, Kellogg College, Oxford.
2008-2009: Director of Research, Department for Continuing Education, Oxford University.
2008-2009: Affiliated Professor, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden.
2009: Visiting Fellow, Kellogg College, Oxford.
2009: Director, Institute of Continuing Education, Cambridge University.
2009: Guest Professor, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden.
2010: Warden, Madingley Hall, Cambridge.
2010: Professorial Fellow, Homerton College, Cambridge.
2013: Member, University of Cambridge Council.
2015: Vice-Principal (Student Experience, Teaching and Learning), Queen Mary University of London.
2015: Professor of Fluid Dynamics, Queen Mary University of London.

Research and Professional Activities

Research in fluid mechanics, in particular studies of boundary-layer flow stability and transition to turbulence.


Please note that this list might not be complete. Follow each article link for additional authors.

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2008The challenge of cancer control in Africa
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2008Professional Education and Training at KTH
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2008Understanding the global marketplace – a UK perspective
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2007Education and partnerships for cancer care in developing countries
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Internal Reports

Please note that this list might not be complete.

YearTitleDocument Type
1995Stability and transition of the boundary layer on a rotating disk, Cambridge University Doctoral thesis
Published by: Web master at Mechanics, KTH