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Personal information

Onofrio Semeraro

M.Sc., Lic.
Phone: +46 8 790 68 76
Fax: +46 8 790 76 54
WWW: Personal homepage


B.Sc. in Aerospace Engineering, University of Naples 'Federico II' - Napoli (IT), Nov 05.
M.Sc in Aerospace & Astronautics Engineering, University of Naples 'Federico II' - Napoli (IT), Mar 08.

Professional history

PhD student at Mekanik (KTH) - Oct 08.

Research and Professional Activities

Hydrodynamic Stability and Flow Control


Please note that this list might not be complete. Follow each article link for additional authors.
Year Title
2013 Transition delay in boundary layer flow using active control
Journal of Fluid Mechanics  
2013 Riccati-less approach for optimal control and estimation: An application in 2D Boundary Layers
Journal of Fluid Mechanics  
2013 Feedback control of instabilities in the 2D Blasius boundary layer: the role of sensors and actuators
Physics of Fluids 25 054106
2013 Output Feedback Control of Blasius Flow with Leading Edge Using Plasma Actuator
AIAA Journal  
2012 Analysis of time-resolved PIV measurements of a confined turbulent jet using POD and Koopman modes
Experiments in fluids  
2011 Interfacial istability of two rotating viscous immiscible fluids in a cylinder
Physics of Fluids 23 064105
2011 Feedback control of three-dimensional optimal disturbances using reduced-order models
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 677 63-102
2009 Linear control of 3D disturbance on a flat-plate
Proceedings of the Seventh IUTAM Symposium on Laminar-Turbulent Transition, Stockholm, Sweden, 2009 18 373-378

Internal reports

Please note that this list might not be complete.
Year Title Type
2011 Feedback control and modal structures in transitional shear flows Licentiate thesis
Active Control and Modal Structures in Transitional Shear Flows Technical report
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