Other activities

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Other activities

Henrik Alfredsson
vice chairman of the department
reviewer for J. Fluid Mech., Phys. Fluids, Exp. Fluids, Eur. J. Mech. B/Fluids, Europhysics
.4truecm letters, Fluid and structures
member of scientific committee IUTAM Symp. Laminar-Turbulent Transition, Sendai 1994
member of Swedish National Committe on Mechanics
served on the reference group for the vice rector for education at KTH.
member of Engineering physics faculty board
invited lectures at CTH

Gustav Amberg
100 % financing from KTH ('rörlig resurs').
reviewer for J. Fluid Mech., J. Heat Transfer, Physica Scripta
reviewed research proposals for TFR.
gave seminar at the Dept of Materials, Oxford University
visited National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, UK.
active in the Department's computer group with further development of the computer
.4truecm resources within the department.
contact person for the building renovation project for the department
developed and taught a course, Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer, for the graduate school
.4truecm in Materials Processing.

Fritz Bark
three-week visit to Dept. of Mathematics, MIT.
member of the editorial boards of Studies in Applied Mathematics, ZAMP and
.4truecmEuropean Journal of Mechanics, Part B/Fluids.
participated in a one day meeting with European Fluid Mech. Conf. Committee at Camb.,
.4truecm U.K.and a two day meeting with Academic Council of Centre International des Sciences
.4truecmMécaniques (CISM) in Udine, Italy.
participated in a two - day meeting at Valenciennes for organisation of the STAR - network
.4truecmwithin the ERASMUS framework.
chairman of the Swedish National Committee for Mechanics.
member of the General Assembly of IUTAM.
reviewed manuscripts for J. Fluid Mech., J. Fluids Eng.,
.4truecm Physica Scripta, European Journal of Mechanics B/Fluids, Rheologica Acta.
acted as co-chairman of the IUTAM Symposium on Liquid - Particle Interactions
.4truecm held in Grenoble in April 1994.
member of the Scientific Committee for the IUTAM Symp. on Hydrodynamic
.4truecm Diffusion of Suspended Particles to be held in New York in 1994.

Anders Dahlkild
one-week visit to Dept. of Mathematics, MIT.
coauthor of compendium for introductory course at the School of vehicle engineering.
reviewed research proposal for NSF and manuscript for Experiments in Fluids.

Per Dahlqvist
One week visit at NORDITA, Copenhagen, August 1993.
invited lecture at "Quantum Complexity in Mesoscopic systems" at
.4truecm Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA, May 1994.

Bengt Enflo
referee for Acta Acustica and Physica Scripta and 'sakkunnig' for a docentship in Technical
.4truecm Acoustics, KTH.
reviewer of research proposals for International Science Foundation (ISF).
attended and gave presentations at the conferences:
.4truecm 13th International Symposium on Nonlinear Acoustics, Bergen, 28 Jun.-2 Jul. 1993
.4truecm FOA Hydroacoustics, 1-2 Sep. 1993
.4truecm Scandinavian Symposium in Physical acoustics, Ustaoset, Norway, 30 Jan.-2 Feb. 1994
invited speaker at the school-seminar Dynamic and Stochastic Wave Phenomena, Nizhny
.4truecm Novgorod, Russia, 21-28 Jun. 1994

Hanno Essén
50 % financing from KTH LUFT resources.
study rector at the department
shares the advisorship for Anders Lennartsson with Martin Lesser
advisor for Gunnar Maxe
referee for several journal manuscripts
vice chairman for 'Föreningen Vetenskap och Folkbildning'

Laszlo Fuchs
keynote speaker at the 4th European Multi-grid conference.
"Censor" Ph.D. thesis DTH, Denmark.
"Censor" Ph.D. thesis (B.E. Vembe) NTH, Norway.
reviewed manuscripts for J. Numerical Meth. in Fluids, Computers and Fluids, Num.
.4truecm Meth. in Eng., J. Comp. Phys.
reviewed research proposals for NUTEK's program for Flow technology and for BFR
Ph.D. Committees at CTH: P. Grooth, S. Olovsson, J. Nisbet, B. Hakberg
Expert for nomination of associate professor in Thermodynamics and Fluid
.4truecm Mechanics at Helsiniki University of Technology.

Magnus Hallbäck
reviewed manuscripts for Eur. J. Mech B/Fluids, Appl. Sci. Res. and Advances in
.4truecm Turbulence 5.
Involved in the organizing of a summer school/workshop on Turbulence and Transition
.4truecm modelling to be held at KTH in June 1995 (Contact person).

Dan Henningson
Coordinator of the Swedish ERCOFTAC Pilot Center
Member of ERCOFTAC Managing Board and Scientific Program Committee
Reviewer for J. of Fluid Mech., Phys. Fluids, Theor. Comp. Fluid Mech., Appl. Sci. Res.
reviewed research proposals for NUTEK's programs for Flow Technology and Combustion
.4truecm Engine Technology

Arne Johansson
head of department
participated in a two day meeting in Rome with the European Turbulence Conf. committee
reviewed research proposals for NUTEK's programs for Flow Technology and Combustion
.4truecm Engine Technology
reviewed manuscripts for J. Fluid Mech., Physics of Fluids, European Journal of Mechanics
.4truecm B/Fluids., ASCE Journal of Hydraulics, ZAMM and ZAMP
served on the organizing committee of the Fifth European Turbulence Conference, Siena
.4truecm July 1994.
served on the reference group for the vice rector for research at KTH.
served on 'kvalitetsrådet' at KTH.
invited lectures at CTH

Göran Karlsson
Member of the Project Group for Distance Education at KTH since June 1994
Coordinator for Work Package 5A Information Network and Collaborative Environment,
.4truecm Establishing an information system and distance work network within the DELTA project
.4truecm NORDIC Information Broker Initiative
Member of Program Committees for the conferences: Hypermedia in Vaasa'94 8-10 June
.4truecm 1994, NFDL Ålborg 15-18 August 1993, and CALISCE'94 in Paris 31 Aug.-3 Sept. 1994
Member of editorial board for European Journal of Engineering Education
Member of SEFI's (European Society for Engineering Eduction) working group for Computer
.4truecm Aided Engineering Education
Vice Chairman Riksföreningen för Elektronisk Kunskapsöverföring (REK)
Coordinator of COMETT II-project "DECAD - Methodology of Open Learning and Distance
.4truecm Education in Technology and Engineering Education". 4 companies & 7 universities involved
Exchange visit to Department of Electronics Systems Engineering
.4truecmat the Open University, Milton Keynes, UK, Jan. 9-March 5, 1994.

Rolf Karlsson
Invited lecturer in the course "Präzisionsmessungen mittels Laser-Doppler und Phasen-
.4truecm Doppler-Anemometrie" at the Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnburg.
participated in the ERCOFTAC/IAHR Turbulence Modelling Workshop
reviewed manuscripts for Experiments in Fluids, AIAA Journal, The Aeronautical Journal
.4truecm and Journal of Theoretical and Applied Fluid Mechanics
served as a member of the advisory committee for the Seventh Int. Symp. on Appl. of Laser
.4truecm Techniques to Fluid Mechanics.

Martin Lesser
associate editor for the J. of Bifurcation and Chaos (Leon Chua editor)
reviewer for Proc. of the Royal Soc. Series A, J. Fluid Mech., J. Bifurcation and Chaos
served on TFR proposal evaluation committee chaired by Prof. H. Gustavsson 1993.
member of the Swedish National Committee on Mechanics
Attended Seminar-Workshop on Multi-Body dynamics at Udine, Italy, July 1994.
Member of the Faculty of Engineering Physics Appointment Committee.
Served on the Grading Board for the Thesis of Annika Stennson at the University of Luleå.
Appointed as co-chair for a forthcoming (Oct. 1995) Euromech meeting on the subject
.4truecm of computer algebra in Mechanics. The meeting will be held in Hamburg.

Mats Lundblad
assisted in study rector issues, scheduling of courses etc.

Lillemor Lindbom
chief administrative education. KTH 1993-94.

Arne Nordmark
active in the Department's computer group and and supporting the department computers.
visited MIDIT, The Technical University of Denmark.

Lars Söderholm
participated in Boltzmann's Legacy, Rome, May 1994
visited Prof. Leif Arkeryd at the Dept. of Math. at Chalmers, June 1994, and
.4truecm gave a talk on Wave Propagation in Gases beyond the Navier-Stokes equations.
extended and tranlated into English compendium material for a course on continuum
.4truecm mechanics.
Member of the Programme Committee of the Faculty Club.

Ingunn Wester
certificate of 70 h of studies July 1993 (branch office of Stetson Univ.) in Fort Lauderdale
.4truecm Florida, including: The art and science of managing people. Planning and shaping
.4truecm behaviour. Orientation planning. Matching resource practices with competitive strategy.
.4truecm Budgeting and compensation plans.
chief administrative education. KTH 1993-94.
member of the ATF board at KTH.
member of board for equality between women and men, KTH.
involved in network "Quality in administration" for universities in Sweden.

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