FLOW Graduate School

General Information

The FLOW school is a graduate school in Fluid Mechanics supported by VR, the Swedish Research Council. The school is managed by the Linné FLOW Centre at KTH. Within FLOW, an advisory board will help the decision process.
The goal of the graduate school is to widen the competence and perspectives of the participating PhD students within the area of fundamental Fluid Mechanics and to provide an opportunity to network with potential collaboration partners in academia.
National and international students can attend our courses. Note that financial support for a limited number of those students will be provided by FLOW. To apply for our courses follow the link.
FLOW graduate students are also encouraged to attend graduate courses from our international partners, follow the link.


Upcoming Events

Particles in turbulence (Oct 28-31, 2013)


School Organization

The FLOW graduate school is part of the Linné FLOW Centre, see About FLOW. The organization and administration of the research school is handled by the Director of Studies Luca Brandt and co-director Anders Dahlkid. An advisory board will help in the decision process. The members of this board are