Licentiate Thesis

Chenyang Weng, October 2013
Modeling of sound-turbulence interaction in low-Mach-number duct flows

Anna Färm, September 2013,
Analysis of Acoustic Absorption with Extended Liner Reaction and Grazing Flow

Marit Berger, September 2013,
Modelling the early to mid-Holocene Arctic climate

Martin Söder, August 2013,
Numerical Investigation of Internal Combustion Engine Related Flows

Johan Fjällman, June 2013,
Unsteady simulations of the turbulent flow in the exhaust system of an IC-engine for optimal energy utilization

Werner Lazeroms, June 2013,
Explicit algebraic turbulence modelling in buoyancy-affected shear flows

Mohammad Hosseini, June 2013,
Stability and transition of three-dimensional boundary layers

Reza Dadfar, June 2013,
Active Control and Reduced-Order Modeling of Transition in Shear Flows

Sasan Sarmast, April 2013,
Numerical study on instability and interaction of wind turbine wakes

Enrico Deusebio , June 2012,
Numerical Investigation of Rotating and Stratified Turbulence.

Karl Håkansson, June 2012,
Orientation of elongated particles in shear and extensional flow.

Lailai Zhu , June 2012,
Numerical investigation of swimming microorganisms in complex environments.

Mathias Kvick , June 2012,
Hydrodynamic stability and turbulence in fibre suspension flows.

Shintaro Imayama , June 2012,
Experimental study of the rotating-disk boundary-layer flow.

Ylva Odemark, May 2012,
Wakes behind wind turbines - Studies on tip vortex evolution and stability.

Athanasia Kalpakli, May 2012
Experimental study of turbulent flows through pipe bends.

Stevin van Wyk, Dec. 2011
Unsteadiness of blood flow in 90-degree bifurcations.

Alexander Sakowitz, Dec. 2011
On the Computation of Turbulent Mixing Processes with Application to EGR in IC-Engines.

Joy Klinkenberg, Oct. 2011
Stability analysis of channel flow laden with small particles.

Zeinab Pouransari, Sept. 2011
Fundamental studies of non-premixed combustion in turbulent wall jets using direct numerical simulation.

Shahab Shahinfar, June 2011, 
Transitional boundary layers caused by free-stream turbulence

Amin Rasam, May 2011, 
Explicit algebraic subgrid-scale stress and passive scalar flux modeling in large eddy simulation

Onofrio Semeraro, Feb. 2011, 
Feedback control and modal structures in transitional shear flows

Oana Marin, Feb. 2011, 
Quadrature rules for boundary integral methods applied to Stokes flow

A. Holmberg, Dec. 2010. 
Experimental determination of aeroacoustic sources in low mach number internal flows

Andreas Vallgren, June 2010, 
Statistical characteristics of two-dimensional and quasigeostrophic turbulence

Tomas Muld, May 2010, 
Analysis of Flow Structures in Wake Flows for Train Aerodynamics

Florian von Stillfried, Dec. 2009, 
Computational studies of passive vortex generators for flow control

Johan Ohlsson, Dec. 2009, 
Spectral-element simulations of turbulent three-dimensional separation in internal flows

David Tempelmann, Dec. 2009, 
Stability and Receptivity of Three-Dimensional Boundary Layers

Charlotte Ahlberg, Dec. 2009, 
An experimental study of fiber suspensions between counter-rotating discs

Qiang Li, Oct. 2009, 
Simulations of turbulent boundary layers with heat transfer

Antonios Monokrousos, June 2009, 
Optimisation and control of boundary layer flows

Bengt Fallenius, May 2009, 
A new experimental setup for studies on wake flow instability and its control

Outi Tammisola, Apr. 2009, 
Linear stability of plane wakes and liquid jets: Global and local approach

Lars-Uve Schrader, Nov. 2008, 
Receptivity of Boundary Layers under Pressure Gradient

Gabriele Bellani, Oct. 2008, 
Velocity measurements in a fiber suspension flow: formation of a fiber network

Axel Kierkegaard, Oct. 2008, 
Numerical Investigations of Generation and Propagation of Sound Waves in Low Mach Number Internal Flows

Shervin Bagheri, May, 2008
Stability analysis and control design of spatially developing flows

Tobias Strömgren, Mar. 2008, 
Modelling of turbulent gas-particle flow

Espen Åkervik, Mar. 2007, 
Feedback control of spatially evolving flows

Allan Carlsson, Feb. 2007, 
Orientation of fibres in suspensions flowing over a solid surface

Ola Lögdberg, Nov. 2006, 
Vortex generators and turbulent boundary layer separation control

Ramis Örlü, Oct. 2006, 
Experimental study of passive scalar mixing in swirling jet flows