Vertical temperature profiles in rooms ventilated by displacement: Full-scale measurements and nodal modelling.

Authors: Li, Y., Sandberg, M., Fuchs, L.F.
Document Type: Article
Pubstate: Published
Journal: Indoor Air
Volume: 2   225-243
Year: 1992


The vertical temperature profiles have been measured in a full-scale office room ventilated by displacement. Different wall radiate emissivities have been employed to study the effect of thermal radiation. The change of the vertical locations of the heat source does not affect the stationary front, but modifies the temperature profile. Wo new nodal models, i.e. a four-node model and a mulli-snode model, are developed for predicting the temperanre prollie based on the flow and thermal characterizatton in the room. Agreement berween the models and the experiments are very good. The calculated results are applied ro show that the temperanre profile is infiaenced considerably by the heal conauetton trutough the walls and the thermal radiation berween the wall surfaces. The models developed can be used for design purposes, as well as Io supply the thermal boundary conditionsin aCFD code.