Influence of Transition on High-Lift Prediction with the NASA Trap Wing Model

Authors: Eliasson, P.E:, Hanifi, A., Peng, S.-H.
Document Type: Article
Pubstate: Unknown
Journal: AIAA Paper
Volume: 2011-3009  
Year: 2011


A computational analysis on the influence of the transition for the NASA Trap Wing Model has been carried out, which is an extension of the work presented for the 1st AIAA High Lift Prediction Workshop. The transition prediction is based on stability analyses with a database method in spanwise sections. Comparisons with experimental data are made to find appropriate N-factors for the eN method leading to the estimated interval 5< N <10. The computed transition locations are used to specify laminar and turbulent regions in the 3D calculations. Including transition improves the results, especially with locations from higher N-factors, and good agreement with experimental data for aerodynamic forces, moments and pressure distributions is obtained.