Equilibrium Temperature of Small Body in Shearing Gas Flow

Authors: Söderholm,  L. H. S.
Document Type: Conference
Pubstate: Published
Journal: Rarefied Gas Dynamics
Volume: 22   138-145
Year: 2001


A convex body, with high thermal conductivity, is immersed in a nonuniformly flowing gas. The body is small compared to the mean free path, which in turn is small compared to the macroscopic length scale of the gas. The equilibrium temperature Tw of the body is calculated. For an axially symmetric body in a simply shearing gas of temperature T one obtains the equilibrium temperature (this is for the case that the body is at rest with respect to the gas) Tw/T=1+((beta a)/8)(p_xy/p)sin ^theta sin(2phi ). theta , phi are polar angles of the axis of the body (z is the polar axis). a is a geometric shape factor of the body (which vanishes for a sphere) and beta depends on the Sonine coefficients. beta takes the value 1 if only the lowest order Sonine term is retained. p is the pressure and p_xy the (only component of) the viscous pressure tensor.