Influence of the near-wall drag correction in a Lagrangian simulation of particulate turbulent channel flow

Författare: Fukagata, K., Zahrai, S., Bark, F.H., Kondo, S.
Dokumenttyp: Konferens
Tillstånd: Publicerad
Tidskrift: Turbulence and Shear Flow Phenomena - 1
Volym:    259-264
År: 1999


A gas-particle turbulent channel flow is simulated using a large eddy simulation coupled with Lagrangian particle tracking. A turbulent channel flow at Re=644, loaded with 70 micron copper particles at a mass fraction of 2%, is considered and influences of the increase of drag coefficient near the wall on the statistics of particles are investigated. Three different types of coupling mechanisms, two different drag coefficients and two different boundary conditions are examined. The accumulated statistics are compared with the experimental data by Kulick et al. (1994). The statistics computed by the simulation with both wall correction and inter-particle collisions are found to be closer to the experimental data, as compared to statistics from typical conventional simulations which neglect those effects.