Optimal simulations of musculoskeletal posture and movement

Authors: Eriksson, 
Document Type: Article
Pubstate: Published
Journal: Comp. Exp. Simul. Eng. Sci.
Volume: 1   39-56
Year: 2008


This paper discusses the simulation of forces in a musculo- skeletal system. The focus is the treatment of static and dynamic equilibrium for a redundant force system, where the forces needed for maintaining a posture or performing a movement are not unique. Reference is given to some general aspects of redundancy, from which a general framework for static optimization is briefly discussed. This allows for the introduction of different performance criteria. Also the dynamic equilibrium during movement is discussed, where a temporal finite element viewpoint is used for treatment of target-controlled movements. Also this leads to a rather general framework, where different criteria for optimal movements can be introduced. From both static and dynamic optimization algorithms is concluded that existing numerical descriptions for muscular behavior is missing some important aspects, primarily related to memory aspects in the function. Some ideas concerning needed studies on muscular force production are discussed.