A wind tunnel study on the effects of forest turbulence on wind turbine outputs

Authors: Odemark, Y., Segalini, A. S.
Document Type: Article
Pubstate: Unknown
Journal: The Science of Making Torque from Wind, Oldenburg, October 9-11 2012
Year: 2012


The effects of forest turbulence on the outputs of a wind turbine model are investigated experimentally in a wind tunnel. The hub height of the model has been varied in order to see the effect of the presence of the model forest in the power and thrust coefficients. A small effect of the hub height is observed in the averaged power coefficient, while a consistent trend is present in the standard deviations of the power and thrust coefficients, underlining the increased fatigue that a wind turbine must withstand when operating in a forest. Another consistent effect is reported for the standard deviation of the rotational speed, which increases by decreasing the hub height, with a consequent enhanced fatigue of the bearings of the turbine.