Force balance in a turbulent particulate channel flow.

Authors: Fukagata, K., Zahrai, S., Bark, F.H.
Document Type: Article
Pubstate: Published
Journal: Int. J. Multiphase Flow
Volume: 24   867-887
Year: 1998


Turbulent flows of 70 micron copper particles and 50 micron glass particles in a channel are considered and investigated by large eddy simulations. Only the influence of the background turbulence on the motion of particles is considered and possible modifications of the structure of turbulence due to motion of particles are not accounted for.

Mean velocity profiles and RMS levels are presented and are found to be in good agreement with earlier simulation data in literature. Differences between the statistical behavior of the two particle types are presented and discussed. The statistical correlations are used for a detail study of the interphase forces. The dominant contributions in the streamwise and in the wall-normal directions are pointed out.