In-flight active-wave-cancelation via delayed-x-LMS control algorithm in a laminar boundary layer

Authors: Simon, B., Fabbiane, N., Bagheri, S., Henningson, D.S.H., Grundmann, S.
Document Type: Article
Pubstate: Submitted
Journal: Experiments in fluids


This manuscript demonstrates the first successful application of the delayed-x-LMS (dxLMS) control algorithm for TS-wave cancelation. Active wave cancelation of two-dimensional broad-band Tollmien-Schlichting (TS) disturbances is performed with a single DBD plasma actuator. The experiments are conducted in flight on the pressure side of a laminar flow wing glove, mounted on a manned glider. The stability properties of the controller are investigated in detail with experimental flight data, DNS and stability analysis of the boundary layer. Finally, a model-free approach for dxLMS operation is introduced to operate the controller as a “black box” system, which automatically adjusts the controller settings based on a group speed measurement of the disturbance wave packets. The modified dxLMS control algorithm allows to operate the controller without a model and an adaption based on varying conditions that may occur during flight in atmosphere.