Activation dynamics in the optimization of targeted movements

Authors: Eriksson,  , Nordmark, A.
Document Type: Article
Pubstate: Published
Journal: Computers & Structures
Volume: 89   968-976
Year: 2011


Human movements, and their underlying muscular recruitment strategies, can be studied in several ways. The movement problem is here seen as a boundary value problem with prescribed initial and final configurations for a mechanism, and a set of control actuators, the time variations of which are supposed to fulfil some optimality criterion. The boundary value problem is discretized by temporal finite element interpolation, where the discrete variables are seen in an optimization context. The present work focusses on the introduction of the activation dynamics of the actuators, introducing a delay in the force production from the stimulation variables. The choice of interpolations of the variables is discussed in the light of the optimization setting. Examples show different aspects of the results obtained for different assumptions. It is concluded that the formulation gives a good basis for further improvement of muscular force production models in an optimal movement setting.