Stability analysis of experimental flow fields behind a porous cylinder for the investigation of the large-scale wake vortices

Författare: Camarri, S., Fallenius, B. E. G. , Fransson, J. H. M.
Dokumenttyp: Artikel
Tillstånd: Publicerad
Tidskrift: J. Fluid Mech.
Volym: 715   599-536
År: 2013


When the linear stability analysis is applied to the time-averaged flow past a circular cylinder after the primary instability of the wake, a nearly marginally stable global mode is predicted with a frequency in time equal to that of the saturated vortex shedding. This behaviour has recently been shown to hold up to Reynolds number Re = 600 by direct numerical simulations. In the present work we verify that the global stability analysis provides reasonable estimation also when applied to experimental velocity fields measured in the wake past a porous circular cylinde rat $Re =3.5\times 10^3$. Different intensities of continuous suction and blowing through the entire surface of the cylinder are considered. The global direct and adjoint stability modes, derived from the experimental data, are used to sort the random instantaneous snapshots of the velocity field in phase. The proposed method is remarkable, sorting the snapshots in phase with respect to the vortex shedding, allowing phase-averaged velocity fields to be extracted from the experimental database. The phase-averaged flow fields are analysed in order to study the effect of the transpiration on the kinematical characteristics of the large-scale wake vortices.