Droplet Deformation Effects in Lagrangian Particle Tracking of a Spray Jet in Crossflow.

Authors: Salewski, M., Revstedt, J., Fuchs, L.F.
Document Type: Conference
Pubstate: Published
Volume: ICMF-2007   PS4-4
Year: 2007


The effects of droplet deformation are considered for a spray injected into crossflow by computing a drag correction factor depending on the Reynolds numbers, the Weber numbers, and the eccentricity. It is shown that with the given models the drag on droplets may increase by a factor of more than two compared to the drag on spherical droplets. The mean penetration of the droplets is demonstrated to be smaller if droplet deformation effects are accounted for. This drag increase due toWeber number effects counteracts the drag decrease due to aerodynamic droplet interaction in this flow. The two-phase flow is handled by a Euler/Lagrange solver in which turbulence is modeled by large-eddy simulation.