Large-eddy simulations of adverse pressure gradient turbulent boundary layers

Authors: Bobke, A.B., Vinuesa, R., Örlü, R., Schlatter, P.
Document Type: Article
Pubstate: Published
Journal: Journal of Physics: Conference Series
Volume: 708   012012
Year: 2016


Adverse pressure-gradient (APG) turbulent boundary layers (TBL) are studied by performing well-resolved large-eddy simulations. The pressure gradient is imposed by de?fining the free-stream velocity distribution with the description of a power law. Di?fferent inflow conditions, box sizes and upper boundary conditions are tested in order to determine the final set-up. The statistics of turbulent boundary layers with two di?fferent power-law coe?ffcients and thus magnitudes of adverse pressure gradients are then compared to zero pressure-gradient (ZPG) data. The eff?ect of the APG on TBLs is manifested in the mean flow through a much more prominent wake region and in the Reynolds stresses through the existence of an outer peak. The pre-multiplied energy budgets show, that more energy is transported from the near-wall region to farther away from the wall. doi:10.1088/1742-6596/708/1/012012