Computational Aeroacoustics Based on Large Eddy Simulation and Acoustic Analogies.

Authors: Mihaescu, M
Document Type: Book
Pubstate: Published
Journal: KFS AB, Lund University
Volume: Doctoral Dissertation, ISBN 91-628-6443-2   215 pages
Year: 2005


The thesis presents a numerical method developed by the author and its applications for computing the generated sound by an unsteady flow field and its propagation. The full equations of motion for compressible and unsteady flows describe both flow field and sound generation and propagation. It is assumed that the flow variables can be decomposed into semi-compressible / incompressible components and inviscid, irrotational acoustic components. The present method is based on Large Eddy Simulation (LES) to compute the turbulent flow and an approach based on an inhomogeneous wave equation to compute the radiated acoustic field. In this way one can avoid the necessity for a very large computational effort associated with direct simulation of the near- and specially far- field sound generated by a turbulent flow. The governing equations are written in the form of a non-homogeneous wave equation for the acoustic fluctuation with acoustic sources on the right-hand side. The thesis includes the details of the coupling between the flow solver and the acoustic one, as well as the results for test cases employed to validate the numerical algorithm and the implemented boundary conditions. The method has been successfully applied to compute the near- and far- acoustic fields generated by various unsteady flows such as a round hot turbulent jet ejected from a pipe close to a solid boundary, coaxial turbulent non-isothermal jets (separate exhaust system), or the flow around a wind-turbine.