Research on the interaction between streamwise streaks and Tollmien–Schlichting waves at KTH

Authors: Bagheri, S., Fransson, J. H. M., Schlatter, P.
Document Type: Article
Pubstate: Published
Journal: ERCOFTAC Bulletin
Volume: 74   37-43
Year: 2007


This paper summarises the experimental and numerical investigations on how two different types of disturbances may, in a positive way, interact in a flat plate boundary-layer flow. The project, which mainly has been centered at KTH, has been performed in collaboration with colleagues from University of Bologna and LadHyX CNRS Ecole Polytechnique, during the last years. The main phenomena — the stabilising effect of streamwise boundary-layer streaks on Tollmien-Schlichting waves (and other exponential disturbances) — have been captured both in experiments [1, 2] and with different numerical approaches such as direct numerical simulations [3], parabolic stability equation calculations [5] and large-eddy simulations [6]. We will here briefly review the methods and the main results of these studies, and discuss how they correlate with each other. For related references outside KTH the interested reader is referred to the journal publications in the reference list.