Temporal finite element descriptions in structural dynamics

Authors: Eriksson, 
Document Type: Conference
Pubstate: Accepted
Journal: Proceedings, CST 2004
Volume:    211--212
Year: 2004


This paper discusses a temporal finite element approximation in the analysis of dynamics of mechanical systems, with a special emphasis on problems where a targeted control is desired. This is defined as a situation where forces are to be introduced for the movement of a structure from an initial to one or more target states, but where the behavior between these states is arbitrary. The primary applications are related to bio-mechanical simulations of skeleto-muscular systems, or to robotic analyses. By interpolating simultaneously displacements and velocities in the discrete degrees of freedom, a collocation over the time interval can be used to decide the necessary control variations. As a second step, the control can be optimized for chosen criteria on the integrated force components. By the introduced interpolation of control forces and discrete displacements, a degree of continuity is introduced in the obtained results.