Flow visualization of an oblique impinging jet: Vortices like it downhill, not uphill

Authors: Örlü, R., Kalpakli Vester, A.
Document Type: Article
Pubstate: Published
Journal: Journal of Visualization
Volume: 19   7-9
Year: 2016


In the present work, the jet issuing from a round nozzle and impinging on an inclined flat plate is visualized by means of smoke injection. This study partially remedies the gap in the literature existing for visualizations of oblique impinging jets, for which only scarce information is available. High-speed and high-resolution images document the growth of the shear layer instability waves downstream the nozzle exit until they are amplified and roll up in discrete vortices before they either collapse on the uphill side or continue pairing on their journey on the downhill side.