Turbulent boundary layers upstream, over and downstream a cylindrical 2D bump

Authors: Vernet, J., Örlü, R., Alfredsson, P.H.
Document Type: Conference
Pubstate: Published
Journal: Progress in Turbulence VI, Springer Proceedings in Physics, Proceedings of the iTi Conference in Turbulence 2014
Volume: 165   279-283
Year: 2016


Most flows of relevance in technical applications are exposed to the combined effect of surface curvature and pressure gradient. The applicability of knowledge from canonical wall-bounded flows is hence limited when it comes to these complex flows and geometries. The present investigation is an attempt to contribute to this topic, by experimentally investigating the turbulent boundary layer developing upstream, over, and downstream a wall-mounted cylinder section. Hot-wire anemometry is used and although such measurements are impaired in the separated region, we show here how to exploit the readings to get information on the separated region. Single-point streamwise velocity statistics are presented and discussed with focus on the effect of back flow (separation) on the statistics and the emergence of an internal boundary layer.