Large-Eddy Simulation of Spray-Originated Turbulence Production and Dissipation.

Författare: Vourinen, V., Larmi, M., Fuchs, L.F.
Dokumenttyp: Konferens
Tillstånd: Publicerad
Volym: ICMF-2007   S4_Tue_A_14
År: 2007


In this work a particle laden jet at Re = 104, Ma = 0.3 is studied using the combination of Large-Eddy Simulation and Lagrangian Particle Tracking. The method serves as a synthetic model of fully atomized liquid spray that enters a chamber filled with gas through a hole with diameter D. The value of D is much larger than typical injector diameters. The specific feature of this model is that it provides a simple environment for studying phenomena inherent to spray-originated turbulence such as particle-turbulence interaction, formation of large scale flow structures and atomization without the modeling difficulties near the physical nozzle where the used method is strictly speaking not valid yet commonly used in spray simulations. It is noted that in the near-field region the system responds to variation in particle size and mass loading ratio in terms of production of turbulent kinetic energy. The results show that these parameters may have a entral role regarding the production and dissipation of turbulence within ten jet diameters in the near-field region. Relation of the afore-mentioned henomena to the formation of large scale structures and spray shapes are demonstrated and discussed.