Progress in simulations of turbulent boundary layers

Authors: Schlatter, P., Örlü, R., Li, Q., Brethouwer, G.B., Johansson, A.V.J., Alfredsson, P.H., Henningson, D.S.H.
Document Type: Conference
Pubstate: Published
Journal: Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Turbulence and Shear Flow Phenomena, 28-31 July 2011, Ottawa, Canada
Volume:    1-10
Year: 2011


Recent efforts in the simulation of turbulent boundary layers using direct and large-eddy simulations are described. The focus is naturally on a series of simulations performed at KTH Stockholm. These results have been used to examine various aspects of the boundary layer; starting from estimates of the extent of the transitional region, the detailed comparison to wind-tunnel experiments, the effect of ambient freestream turbulence on the boundary layer and to quantifications of the spectral composition of the turbulent signal. Furthermore, selected aspects of boundary layers with coupled scalar (e.g. heat) transport are summarised, including profiles of the turbulent Prandtl number.