Base flow modulations for skin-friction drag reduction

Authors: Fransson, J. H. M., Talamelli, A.
Document Type: Article
Pubstate: Published
Journal: Proc. of 13th European Turbulence Conference (ETC 13), Poland (Journal of Physics: Conference Series)
Volume: 318   032008
Year: 2011


Recent experimental investigations have shown that spanwise modulations of the base flow may delay transition to turbulence. In this paper we explore the possibility to generate streaks of much larger amplitude than previously reported by using a row of miniature vortex generators (MVGs). Here, we present the first boundary layer experiment where streak amplitudes exceeding 30% have been produced without having any secondary instability acting on them. Furthermore, the induced drag due to the streaky base flow is quantified and it is demonstrated that the streaks can be reinforced by placing a second array of MVGs downstream of the first one. In this way it is possible to make the control more persistent in the downstream direction. We conclude that the specially designed set of MVGs, as a boundary layer modulator, is a promising candidate for successfully setting up robust and persistent streamwise streaks, which is a prerequisite for a successful flow control.