Hot-wire calibration at low velocities: Revisiting the vortex shedding method

Authors: Sattarzadeh, S. S., Kalpakli Vester, A., Örlü, R.
Document Type: Article
Pubstate: Published
Journal: Advances in Mechanical Engineering
Volume: 2013   241726
Year: 2013


The necessity to calibrate hot-wire probes against a known velocity causes problems at low velocities, due to the inherent inaccuracy of pressure transducers at low differential pressures. The vortex shedding calibration method is in this respect a recommended technique to obtain calibration data at low velocities, due to its simplicity and accuracy. However, it has mainly been applied in a low and narrow Reynolds number range known as the laminar vortex shedding regime. Here, on the other hand, we propose to utilize the irregular vortex shedding regime and show where the probe needs to be placed with respect to the cylinder in order to obtain unambiguous calibration data.