Plane blast wave propagation in air with a transverse thermal inhomogeneity

Authors: Sembian, , Liverts, M., Apazidis, N.
Document Type: Article
Pubstate: Published
Journal: European Journal of Mechanics - B/Fluids
Volume: 67   220-2230
Year: 2018


An alternate mechanism explaining the shock broadening and splitting effects observed during its propagation through an elongated region with transverse thermal inhomogeneity is described. The shock wave is generated by exploding wire technique and its propagation is captured optically using shadowgraph method. Visualizing the flow provided distinct advantage not only for obtaining detailed information on the propagation characteristics but also for validating the numerical scheme used in the analysis. Three physical features namely shock jump, precursor region and vorticity induced flow, are identified to contribute to the shock structure with the latter two being responsible for the pressure profile ‘broadening’. The physical behavior of the incident shock is also analyzed along with other factors like temperature and curvature effects.