Large eddy simulation of particle motion in a turbulent channel flow.

Authors: Fukagata, K., Zahrai, S., Bark, F.H.
Document Type: Conference
Pubstate: Published
Journal: Proceedings of the ASME Fluid engineering division summer meeting, Vancouver, Canada
Volume: FEDSM-3591   1-6
Year: 1997


Turbulent channel flow of suspended particles is investigated by means of numerical simulations. The accuracy of the large eddy simulation methodology used is assessed by detailed comparisons of predictions with available data for turbulent channel flow of 70 micron copper particles at Re=180 by direct numerical simulations by Rouson and Eaton (1994) and large eddy simulations by Wang and Squires (1996). Very good agreement was found. Transient behavior of statistical properties of the flow is studied and development time for achieving a physically steady state is discussed.