Jet Aircraft Propulsion Noise Reduction Research at University of Cincinnati.

Författare: Rask, O., Harrison, S., Munday, D., Harris, C., Mihaescu, M, Gutmark, E.
Dokumenttyp: Artikel
Tillstånd: Publicerad
Tidskrift: 43rd AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference & Exhibit.
Volym: AIAA 2007-5631   16 pages
År: 2007


The University of Cincinnati has an active Aeroacoustics program studying the application of several flow control technologies to typical separate-flow exhaust systems like those found on modern jet engines. The University of Cincinnati Aeroacoustic Test Facility (UC-ATF) includes a high fidelity model of such an exhaust system with interchangeable hardware allowing the simulation of medium- and high-bypass geometries and the application of various nozzles with different technologies to reduce the generated noise. Various chevron geometries, steady and pulsed blowing, and other approaches are tested and evaluated. Those technologies which show merit are then selected for further test in collaboration with our industrial partners at GE Aviation and GE Global Research. Testing at GE allows larger scale and improved fidelity. This testing pipeline allows further downselection path to full-scale engine tests for the best technologies. In this way UC contributes to the missions of our industrial partners while advancing the state of knowledge regarding jet noise reduction technologies.