Pressure Fluctuation in High-Reynolds Number Turbulent Boundary Layer; Results from Experiments and DNS

Authors: Tsuji, Y.T., Imayama, S.I., Schlatter, P., Alfredsson, P.H., Johansson, A.V.J., Marusic, I., Hutchins, N., Monty, J.
Document Type: Article
Pubstate: Published
Journal: J. Turbulence
Volume: 13   1-19
Year: 2012


We have developed a small pressure probe and measured both static pressure and wall pressure simultaneously in turbulent boundary layers up to Reynolds numbers based on the momentum thickness R θ = 44,620. The measurements were performed at large experimental facilities in Sweden, Australia, and Japan. We find that the measured pressure data are contaminated by the artificial background noise induced by test section and are also affected by the flow boundary conditions. By analyzing data from different wind tunnels acquired at the same Reynolds number, we evaluate the effect of back- ground noises and boundary conditions on the pressure statistics. We also compare the experimental results with results of direct numerical simulations and discuss differences in boundary conditions between real and simulated wind tunnels.