Impingement of an inviscid plane liquid jet on a porous wall: a fixed domain method

Författare: Audenis, G., Dahlkild, A. A.
Dokumenttyp: Artikel
Tillstånd: Publicerad
Tidskrift: Nordic Pulp and paper research Journal
Volym: 16   274-283
År: 2001


The impingement of a plane inviscid jet on a porous wall has been studied numerically. The aim was to develop a mathematical method that evetually can be used to model the jet of pulp suspension impinging on the permeable wire of a paper machine. A fixed domain numerical method was applied to obtain the profiles of the free surfaces of the jet and the velocity distribution of the flow, including the at forehand unknown flow distribution through the porous wall. The present method extends previous works on fixed domain methods in that: i) part of the fluid has been allowed to flow out of the computational domain along the wall, ii) a more realistic boundary condition has been applied at the porous wall in terms of a permeability law. The resulting scheme constitutes a base for more detailed modelling such as including the variable permeability of an accumulating fibre web on the wire.