An active grid for the simulation of atmospheric boundary layers in a wind tunnel

Authors: Talamelli, A., Riparbelli, L., Westin, K.J.A.
Document Type: Article
Pubstate: Published
Journal: Wind & Structures - An International Journal
Volume: 7   131-144
Year: 2004


A technique for the simulation of atmospheric boundary layers in wind tunnels is developed and tested experimentally. The device consists of a grid made of seven horizontal and vertical evenly distributed bars in which air injection holes are drilled in order to influence the flow in the wind tunnel. The air flow in each bar can be controlled independently. Firstly, the device is used together with a rough carpet, which covers the test section floor, in order to simulate the boundary-layer characteristics over an open rural area. Hot-wire measurements, performed at different positions in the test-section, show the capability of the grid in generating the required boundary layer. An acceptable agreement with statistical values of mean velocity and turbulence profiles has been achieved, together with a good span-wise homogeneity. The results are also compared with those of a passive simulation technique based on the use of spires.