Macro-Mechanical modelling of blast wave mitigation in foams. Part I: review of available experiments and models

Författare: Britan, A.B., Shapiro, H., Liverts, M., Ben-Dor, G., Chinnayya, A., Hadjadj, A.
Dokumenttyp: Artikel
Tillstånd: Publicerad
Tidskrift: Shock waves
Volym: 23   5-23
År: 2013


Multiphase flows, which involve compressible or incompressible fluids with linear or nonlinear dynamics, are found in all areas of technology at all length scales and flow regimes. In this contribution, we discuss application of aqueous-foam barriers against blast wave impact. The first experiments demonstrating this behavior were conducted in the early 1980s in free-field tests. Based on structural requirements, various foams with different blast energy contents were tested with the aim of characterizing the time history of the blast pressure reduction. A number of consistent methodologies for calculating this pressure reduction in foam are based on the effective gas flow model. For estimating the uncertainties of these methodologies, we briefly demonstrate their comparison with existing experimental data. Thereafter, we present various modifications of modelling approaches and their comparison with new results of blast wave experiments.