Thermophoretic motion of bodies with axial symmetry

Authors: Borg, K., Söderholm,  L. H. S.
Document Type: Article
Pubstate: Published
Journal: Journal of Physics D. Applied Physics
Volume: 40   148-155
Year: 2007


Thermophoresis of axially symmetric bodies is investigated to first order in the Knudsen number. The study is made in the limit where the typical length of the immersed body is small compared to the mean free path. It is shown that in this case, in contrast to what is the case for spherical bodies, the arising thermal force on the body is not in general anti-parallel to the temperature gradient. It is also shown that the gas exerts a torque on the body, which in magnitude and direction depends on the body geometry. Equations of motion describing the body movement are derived and the final velocity of the body derived.