Optimization of targeted movements

Authors: Eriksson, 
Document Type: Conference
Pubstate: Published
Journal: Proc. ECCM-2006, Lisbon
Volume: CD-ROM  
Year: 2006


This paper discusses a methodology and an algorithm for the analysis of dynamics of mechanical systems, and in particular of optimal movement patterns between initial and target configurations. The basic formulation utilizes a finite element time discretization, and establishes a large set of equations for solving the whole considered time interval simultaneously. The algorithm allows different optimization criteria for the movement, based on either the smoothness of the movement or the minimization of needed forces. It is primarily aimed at musculoskeletal simulations with the redundant muscular forces as unknowns. Kinetic and kinematic constraints can be introduced for the obtained solution. Examples show that the obtained results are dependent on the optimality criterion used. In particular, it is shown by even a simple model that smoothness of movement demands forces considerably higher than the strictly minimum ones.