Optimization techniques in human movement analysis

Authors: Eriksson, 
Document Type: Conference
Pubstate: Accepted
Journal: Proc. Comput Struct Techn 2008
Year: 2008


This paper discusses a few aspects of human movements when seen as an optimal control problem for a mechanism. In particular, the redundancy of the muscle force actuators in simplified models of a body or body part is a main concern. The criteria governing the control of human movement planning are far from fully known, but a general optimization setting allows investigation of alternatives. The numerical description of muscular force production is complex, and its history dependence only partially known. The paper discusses a setting of the dynamic optimization problem, which is reliable and efficient compared to shooting-type methods, and which allows several criteria for optimal performance. The method is demonstrated by a few aspects of a weight-lifting problem. The need for muscular models compatible with the basic formulation, and accurately representing the history dependence in force production is emphasized.