Optimization in simulations of human movement planning

Authors: Eriksson,  , Svanberg, 
Document Type: Article
Pubstate: Published
Journal: Int. j. Numerical Methods in Engineering
Volume: 87   1127-1147
Year: 2011


This paper discusses optimization algorithms in movement simulations for models of humans, humanoid robots or other mechanisms. Targeted movements between two configurations state a dynamically redundant system, for which there is freedom in the choice of control force time variations. A previously developed algorithm for the treatment of targeted dynamics for mechanisms is used as a basis. The paper describes the inclusion of an algorithm related to the method of moving asymptotes for the necessary optimization in the movement simulation, where the problem is non-linear, and characterized by very high numbers of design variables as well as constraints. The resulting setting is shown to be able to handle the systems established, robustly giving convergence to at least a local minimum for also very distant starting approximations.