Turbulent duct flow controlled with spanwise wall oscillations

Authors: Straub, S., Vinuesa, R., Schlatter, P., Frohnapfel, B., Gatti, D.
Document Type: Article
Pubstate: Published
Journal: Flow Turbulence and Combustion
Volume: 99   787-806
Year: 2017


The spanwise oscillation of channel walls is known to substantially reduce the skin-friction drag in turbulent channel flows. In order to understand the limitations of this flow control approach when applied in ducts, direct numerical simulations of controlled turbulent duct flows with an aspect ratio of AR = 3 are performed. In contrast to channel flows, the spanwise extension of the duct is limited. Therefore, the spanwise wall oscillation either directly interacts with the duct side walls or its spatial extent is limited to a certain region of the duct. The present results show that this spanwise limitation of the oscillating region strongly diminishes the drag reduction potential of the control technique. We propose a simple model that allows estimating the achievable drag reduction rates in duct flows as a function of the width of the duct and the spanwise extent of the controlled region.