Advanced sub grid scale modeling for LES

Forskningsområde: Strömningsmekanik
Brethouwer, G.B.
Johansson, A.V.J.
Montecchia, M.M.
Wallin, S.W.
Finansiär: VR 


The project focuses on sub-grid scale modelling for LES (Large-Eddy Simulation) that accounts for the varying degree of anisotropy with level of resolution. The main aim is to take this approach to develop SGS models of high generality for use in LES in flows with geometrical complexity, separation or density stratification and to include scalar predictions in these (such as heat or pollutant transport). The further testing of and adaptation of these models to codes with second order finite volume schemes is also part of the project. A general aim is to improve sub-grid scale modelling e.g. for improved grid resolution independency and description of distributions of stress and scalar (e.g. heat) transport. DNS studies may also become part of the project.

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