DNS of turbulent combustion

Research Area: Fluid mechanics
Project Members:
Brethouwer, G.B.
Gavesi, E.G.
Johansson, A.V.J.
Sponsor: STEM 

Project Description

The project focuses on direct numerical simulations (DNS) of reacting turbulent flows, where the simulations can be seen as a tool for the development of combustion models with reduced schemes for the reactions. The project is part of a national collaboration program in combustion science. The project builds on experiences drawn from work in our group on DNS of a turbulent wall-jet flow with combustion described by a single step reaction. Different types of turbulent flows will be considered in the present project where focus will be on the influence of different levels of reduced reaction schemes, and the consequences for combustion modeling, in particular in the context of subgrid-scale modeling for large-eddy simulation.

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