Analytical and statistical mechanics for systems of many charged particles

Research Area: Theoretical and computational mechanics
Project Members:
Essén, H.
Fiolhais, C. N.
Nordmark, A.
Sponsor: KTH 

Project Description

In many applications of electrodynamics radiation is negligible since it is proportional to the third power of the inverse speed of light. Also quantum mechanical stationary states are known not to radiate. In these cases the field degrees of freedom can be neglected and one can use ordinary finite degree of freedom Lagrangian and Hamiltonian mechanics to study the problem. The Lagrangian in question is usually called the Darwin Lagrangian. In this way many problems can be treated with more accuracy and exactness even if many difficulties remain. One of these difficulties is how to treat the magnetic interaction energy in systems of large numbers of charged particles. The formalism has been applied to the study of problems in plasma physics and in superconductivity. The desire for a deeper understanding of the origin of magnetic fields around rotating astronomical bodies and of the superconducting phase transition in solids is the main driving force behind the project.

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Internal Reports related to the project

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