Turbulence modelling of the atmospheric boundary layer

Forskningsområde: Strömningsmekanik
Brethouwer, G.B.
Johansson, A.V.J.
Wallin, S.W.
Želi, V.Z.


Turbulence in the atmospheric boundary layer cannot be resolved by atmospheric and climate models since the numerical grid is in general much larger than the turbulent scales. A model for the atmospheric turbulence is therefore needed. The aim of the PhD project is to develop such a model. An essential aspect for atmospheric and climate models is the inclusion of the effects of stratification and convection on the turbulence. In the first part of the project, recently developed model for the atmospheric turbulent boundary layer will be further refined and validated. In the second part of the project, the developed model will be implemented in a climate model in collaboration with the Department of Meteorology at Stockholm University (MISU) in order to assess the effect of the new model on predictions of the atmospheric and climate dynamics.

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