Modelling of concentrated fibre suspensions

Research Area: Fluid mechanics
Project Members:
Dahlkild, A. A.
Eriksson, K.
Hämäläinen, J.P.
Hammarström, D.
Sponsor: Faxén Laboratoriet 

Project Description

Handling of high consistency fibre suspensions has become increasingly important in the paper making process industry. The objective of the present project is to improve the techniques for computational simulation of flow of high consistency fibre suspensions. Different methods/models will be tested and refined, such as non-Newtonian rheological models and multi-phase models. Computational results will be validated against experimental data as far as they are or become available for these complex flows.

Publications related to the project

2007Modeling of fiber suspension flows
Computers and Fluids   (Accepted)

Internal Reports related to the project

YearTitleDocument Type
2004A model for Simulation of Fiber Suspension Flows Licentiate thesis