Lars Söderholm

Ph. D., Docent
Phone: +46 8 790 71 52
Fax: +46-8-796 98 50
E-mail: lhs@mech.kth.se
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Room: 2412 Osquars backe 18


Ph.D. and Docent in theoretical physics, University of Stockholm 1970.

Professional History

1967-69 Nordita Fellow, Copenhagen. Research associate in theoretical physics, University of Stockholm. Senior lecturer, KTH, since 1980. Guest professor, Catania, 1996.

Research and Professional Activities

Kinetic theory of gases, nonlinear acoustics and continuum mechanics, including relativistic aspects.


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2008Orbital effects of the Magnus force on a spinning spherical satellite in a rarefied atmosphere
European Journal of Mechanics B/Fluids 27 623-31 (Published)
2008Hilbert fluid dynamics equations expressed in Chapman-Enskog pressure tensor and heat current
Transport Theory and Statistical Physics 37 520-534 (Published)
2008On the Relation between the Hilbert and Chapman-Enskog Expansions
Rarefied Gas Dynamics 26  (Accepted)
2007Hybrid Burnett Equations. A New Method of Stabilizing
Transport Theory and Statistical Physics 36 495-512 (Published)
2007Thermophoretic motion of bodies with axial symmetry
Journal of Physics D. Applied Physics 40 148-155 (Published)
2007Stable Equations to Second Order in the Knudsen number for the Fluid Dynamics Variables
Rarefied Gas Dynamics 25 137-42 (Published)
2006 Nonlinear Acoustics Equations to Third Order. New Stabilization of the Burnett Equations
Mathematical Modelling of Wave Phenomena 2 214-221 (Published)
2005Nonlinear Acoustics to Second Order in Knudsen Number Without Unphysical Instabilities
Rarefied Gas Dynamics 24 54-59 (Published)
2003The Transversal Force on a Spinning Sphere Moving in a Rarefied Gas
Rarefied Gas Dynamics 23 cd (Published)
2003Force on a spinning sphere moving in a rarefied gas
Phys. Fluids 15 736-41 (Published)
2003Phoresis in a Shearing Gas
Rarefied Gas Dynamics 23 242-249 (Published)
2002Equilibrium Temperature of a Convex Body in a Free Molecular Shearing Flow
Phys. Rev. E. 66 031204--1-4 (Published)
2002Shearing Phoresis
Phys. Rev. E.   (Submitted)
2001A Higher Order Acoustic Equation for the Slightly Viscous Case
Acta Acustica 87 29-33 (Published)
2001Thermophoresis of axially symmetric bodies
Rarefied Gas Dynamics 22 867-874 (Published)
2001Equilibrium Temperature of Small Body in Shearing Gas Flow
Rarefied Gas Dynamics 22 138-145 (Published)
1999A Generalized Fermi Derivative and Dissipative Gas Dynamics Equations
Class. Quantum Grav. 16 2225-9 (Published)
1999Moments Equations Based on First-Order Chapman-Enskog Solution II - Relativistic Gas -
Rarefied Gas Dynamics 21 111-8 (Published)
1999On the Kuznetsov Equation and Higher Order Nonlinear Acoustics Equations
Journal of Physics D. Applied Physics  133-136 (Published)
1998Moments Equations Based on First-Order Chapman-Enskog Solution
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1997Moments Equations Based on First-Order Chapman-Enskog Solution.
Rarefied Gas Dynamics  124-127 (Published)
1996Relaxing Gases Beyond the Navier-Stokes Equations
Journal of Technical Physics 37 567-70 (Published)
1995Pendeln och Hyperion. Astronomisk tidsktift.
Astronomisk tidskrift 28 7-11 (Published)
1993Planetary motion around an object driven by nongravitational forces.
Nuovo Cimento 108 B 1109-1113 (Published)

Internal Reports

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YearTitleDocument Type
1999The cm-package. A Maple program for continuum mechanics calculations. MSc thesis
1998Moment equations based on first order Chapman-Enskog solution - relativistic gas Technical report
1998On nonlinear wave phenomena in a magnitized plasma and in a relativistic gas Licentiate thesis


Please note that this list might not be complete.

2000-Extending Navier-Stokes to Smaller Length Scales and Nonlinear AcousticsTheoretical and computational mechanics