Karl-Erik Thylwe

PhD, Docent
Telefon: int+46 8 790 71 21
Telefax: int+46 8 796 98 50
Email: ket@mech.kth.se
WWW: Personlig websida


Doctoral degree in theoretical physics, University of Uppsala

Yrkesmässig historia

Postdoctoral appointments: 2 years at the University of Kaiserslautern, Theoretical atomic and molecular physics. 2 years at the University of Manchester, Theoretical chemistry.

Forskning och yrkesmässig verksamhet

Research: Asymptotic methods in Classical and Quantum mechanics, Regge-pole theory in potential scattering, Nonlinear phenomena
Teaching: Basic mechanics, Mathematical methods of mechanics, Perturbation methods. Advanced dynamics of complex systems.


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KursProg.TitelKTH info
SG1102 COPEN Mechanics, Smaller Course SG1102
SG1130 CDEPR Mechanics I SG1130
SG1130 CLGYM-MAFY Mechanics I SG1130
SG1130 CMATD Mechanics I SG1130


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