Anders Dahlkild

PhD, Docent
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E-mail: ad@mech.kth.se
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Room: 2522 Osquars backe 18


MSc, Engineering Physics, KTH, 1983, PhD, Hydrodynamics, KTH, 1988, Docent, Fluid Physics, KTH, 1992

Professional History

Dept. of Gasdynamics, KTH, 1990-1994, Dept. of Mechanics, KTH, 1994-,

Teaching Activity

Leader for the following list of courses.
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CourseProg.TitleKTH Info
SG2214 All Fluid Mechanics, General Course SG2214
SG3113 Graduate Kompressibel aerodynamik SG3113
SG1216 CFATE Termodynamik för farkostteknik SG1216


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2017On direct aeroacoustics calculations of the vocal tract
Proceedings of the 11th ERCOFTAC Workshop on Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation   (Accepted)
2016Aeroacoustics of an elastic element in unsteady flow of low Reynolds numbers
22nd AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference   (Published)
2016Influence of changes of the glottal waveform on vowel production
Proceedings of Meetings on Acoustics, Acoustical Society of America 28 ICA2016-586 (Published)
2015Fluid-structure interaction simulation with relevance to snoring
Svenska Mekanikdagar, Linköping, Sweden, June 10-12, 2015   (Accepted)
2014Near-Wall Convection in a Sedimenting Suspension of fibres
AIChE Journal 60 4253-4265 (Published)
2013Nonlinear disturbance growth during sedimentation in dilute fibre suspensions
Journal of Fluid Mechancis 719 268-294 (Published)
2013Numerical simulations of the sedimentation in dilute fibre suspensions
8th International Conference on Multiphase Flow (ICMF), Jeju, Korea (2013)   (Published)
2012Flow conditions in the groovs of a LC-refiner
Nordic Pulp and Paper Research Journal 27 173-183 (Published)
2011Finite wavelength selection for the linear instability of a suspension of settling spheroids
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 689 183-202 (Published)
2010Modelling the Fibre Anisotropy Profile in Shear Layers Leaving a Planar Contraction
PaperCon 2010, Tappi 3 2320-2353 (Published)
2010Modeling Contiunous Electropermutation with Effects of Water Dissociation Included
AIChE Journal 56 2455-2467 (Published)
2009Mixing Layers in Sink Flow: Effect of Length of Flight on Mixing in a Channel Downstream
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2009Evolution of flat plate wakes in sink flow
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2009A Model for the Enhanced Water Dissociation On Monopolar Membranes
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2008Consolidation of sheared, strongly flocculated suspensions
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2008Study of the Rotational Diffusivity Coefficient of Fibres in Planar Contracting Flows with Varying Turbulence levels
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2007Modeling of fiber suspension flows
Computers and Fluids   (Accepted)
2007Modelling the effect of shear flow on fibre orientation anisotropy in a planar contraction
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2006A Flexible Approach for Modelling Flow in Multi-Component Blade Formers
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2006Nitrate Removal by Continuous Electropermutation Using Ion-exchange Textile Part I: Modeling
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 153, No. 4  (Accepted)
2006Nitrate Removal by Continuous Electropermutation Using Ion-exchange Textile Part II: Experimental Investigation
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 153, No. 4  (Accepted)
2004Modelling a Turbulent Dilute Fibre Suspension in a Planar Contraction: Effect of Vane Type, Vane Position and Wall Boundary Layer on Fibre Orientation Distribution
Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Multiphase Flow, Yokohama, 2004 436  (Accepted)
2003Turbulent Dilute Fibre Suspension Flow Modelling In a Sudden Circular Pipe Enlargement
89th PAPTAC Annual Meeting, Montreal   (Accepted)
2001Modelling the two-phase flow and current distribution along a vertical gas-evolving electrode.
J. Fluid Mech. 428 249-272 (Published)
2001On the transport of small bubbles under developing channel flow in a buoyant gas-evolving electrochemical cell.
Ind. Eng. Chem. Res.   (Accepted)
2001A hydrodynamical model for the dispersal of small bubbles under developing channel flow.
J. Appl Electrochem.   (Submitted)
2001Impingement of an inviscid plane liquid jet on a porous wall: a fixed domain method
Nordic Pulp and paper research Journal 16 274-283 (Published)
2000A Mono-Modal Fiber-Optics Velocimeter for Electrochemically Generated Bubbles
Proceedings of Tenth International Symposium on Applications of Laser Techniques to Fluid Dynamics, Lisbon, 2000   (Published)
1999A numerical and analytical hydrodynamic two-phase study of an industrial gas-lift chlorate reactor.
Computational technologies for fluid/thermal/structural/chemical systems with industrial applications 1 125-136 (Published)
1999Modelling the flow around elastic guiding vanes and turbulence in a two-dimensional contraction.
Proceedings of TAPPI Engineering Conference, Anaheim   (Published)
1998Estimating the thickness of the web during twin-wire forming.
Journal of Pulp and paper science 24 67-72 (Published)
1997Numerical moddeling of mixing in a stratified headbox jet.
Proceedings of TAPPI Eng. Conf, Nashville, USA   (Published)
1997Hydrodynamic Diffusion of small Bubbles produced at a vertical electrode under Laminar flow conditions.
Proceedings of 3:rd Int. Conf, on transfer phenomena on Magnetohydrodynamic & Electroconducting flows.   (Published)
1995Stability characteristics of 3d boundary layer on a yawed cone In Laminar-Turbulent Transition.
Proc. IUTAM Symp. Laminar-Turbulent Transition  381-388 (Published)
1994Rotating Axial Flow of a Continuously separating Mixture
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1994The motion of brownian particels and sediment on an inclined plate.
J. Fluid Mech.   (Published)
1993The motion of particles and sediment on an inclined plate.
GAMM, Minisymposium on two-phase flow.   (Published)
1993Some stability charatceristics of the boundary layer on a yawned cone.
AIAA 93-3048.   (Published)
1993Rotating, Axial flow of a continously separating mixture.
J. Fluid Mech.   (Published)
1992Unsteady free convection in cavity due to prescribed fluxes of heat or mass at the vertical walls.
J. Fluid Mech. 235 665 (Published)
1992Flow in a Centrifugal spectrometer.
J. Fluid Mech. 238 221-250 (Published)
1986On the time dependent settling of a dilute suspension in a rotating conical channel.
J. Fluid Mech. 166 473-502 (Published)

Internal Reports

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YearTitleDocument Type
2000Modelling the current distribution and two-phase flow along a vertical gas-evolving hydrogen electrode Technical report
1986Sedimentation between parallel plates. Technical report


Please note that this list might not be complete.

2002-Modelling of concentrated fibre suspensionsFluid mechanics