Hanno Essén

Docent, Associate Professor
Phone: int+46 8 790 87 59
Fax: int+46 8 411 39 04
E-mail: hanno@mech.kth.se
WWW: Personal Homepage
Room: 2412 Osquars backe 18


Ph.D (1979) and Docent (1986) in theoretical physics with mechanics, University of Stockholm

Professional History

Extensive. See link: http://www.mech.kth.se/~hanno/Vita.htm

Research and Professional Activities

I have done research in many different areas over the years and remain fairly unspecialized. I am interested in all areas of science but a main theme has been to improve the clarity and conceptual simplicity of our understanding of some areas of physics and theoretical chemistry. Here is a list of topics:

  • Theoretical chemistry: The Born-Oppenheimer separation, Vibration-Rotation coupling,
    Electronic structure theory, Hund's rules, The Thomas-Fermi approximation, the Periodic
  • General relativity: Scalar gauge theory of GR, Curvature, Kaluza-Klein ideas.
  • Classical mechanics: Non-holonomic dynamics, Angular velocity, Rotation of non-rigid
    systems, Separability.
  • Electromagnetic theory: The nature of magnetism, The Darwin Hamiltonian with
    applications to plasmas and superconductivity.
  • Pedagogical and popular accounts of physics.


Please note that this list might not be complete. Follow each article link for additional authors.

2016Relativistic version of the Feynman–Dyson–Hughes derivation of the Lorentz force law and Maxwell’s homogeneous equations
European journal of physics 37 055201—1-8 (Published)
2016Comment on ‘Modeling the magnetic dipole’
European journal of physics 37 058001—1-2 (Published)
2016A variational proof of Thomson’s theorem
Physics Letters A 380 2703–2705 (Published)
2015A new look at the pushing force of an electromagnetic wave on a classical charged particle
European journal of physics 36 055029—1-14 (Published)
2014Magnetic field expulsion from an infinite cylindrical superconductor
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2014The Physics of Rotational Flattening and the Point Core Model
International Journal of Geosciences 5 555 - 570 (Published)
2014Gravitationally bound ideal gas sphere in Newtonian and in Einsteinian gravity
European journal of physics 35 065003--1-8 (Published)
2014Gravitational Lagrangians, Mach’s principle, and the equivalence principle in an expanding universe
Journal of Gravity 2014  415649--1-5 (Published)
2013Magnetic energy of surface currents on a torus
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B 46 357 - 378 (Published)
2013Electrodynamics of Perfect Conductors
International Journal of Theoretical Physics 52  (Published)
2013Mechanics, cosmology, and Mach's principle
European journal of physics 34 139 - 145 (Published)
2012Electromagnetic wave scattering by a superconductor
Europhys. Lett. 97 4406-1-3 (Published)
2012Meissner effect, diamagnetism, and classical physics -- a review
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2011Magnetic field and current are zero inside ideal conductors
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B 27 187-212 (Published)
2011Classical diamagnetism, magnetic interaction energies, and repulsive forces in magnetized plasmas
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2010The comfortable roller coaster — on the shape of tracks with a constant normal force
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2010Static deformation of a heavy spring due to gravity and to centrifugal force
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2009Turning points of the spherical pendulum and the golden ratio
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2009Reduktionism och andra ismer
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2009From least action in electrodynamics to magnetomechanical energy -- a review
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2007The skipping rope curve
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2007Matrix analysis of coupled damped vibrations -- two degree-of-freedom analytic solution
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2007The exact Darwin Lagrangian
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2007Incidenter i fysikens historia
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2005Electrodynamic model connecting superconducting response to magnetic field and to rotation
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2005Magnetic dynamics of simple collective modes in a two-sphere plasma model
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2004Hamiltonian of a homogeneous two-component plasma
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2004Magnetohydrodynamic self-consistent exact helical solutions
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2003Force on a spinning sphere moving in a rarefied gas
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2003The Transversal Force on a Spinning Sphere Moving in a Rarefied Gas
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2002 Note on the relativistic elastic head-on collision
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2001Ovetenskapligt om alternativmedicin i Nationalencyclopedins supplementband
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2000On the equilateral triangle solution to the three-body problem
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2000Folk, filosofer och fysik
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1998The field outside a spherical 2l-pole distribution is a pure 2l-pole field.
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1998Alternativmedicinens energi - och vetenskapens
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1997Phase-space energy of charged particles with negligible radiation: Proof of spontaneous magnetic strutcures and new effective forces.
Phys. Rev. E. 56 5858-5865 (Published)
1997Tomtar, troll och Currykryss
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1996Some results on the electrostatic energy of ionic crystals.
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1996Darwin magnetic interaction energy and its macroscopic consequences.
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1996A simple mechanical model for the shape of the earth
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1996Hopprepskurvan (The skipping-rope curve)
Elementa 79 142-148 (Published)
1996Calculation of coordinates from molecular geometric parameters and the concept of a geometric calculator.
Computers and Chemistry 20 389-395 (Published)
1995A study of lattice and magnetic interactions of conduction electrons
Physica Scripta 52 388-394 (Published)
1994Vetenskapen och evighetsmaskinerna (Science and perpetual motion machines; in swedish).
Folkvett (organ för Föreningen Vetenskap och Folkbildning) no 2 4-13 (Published)
1994On the geometry of nonholomonic dynamics.
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1993Average angular velocity.
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1992Empirical and Theoretical Evidence for Gravitational Polarization of Matter
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1989Magnetic Fields, Rotating Atoms and the Origin of Diamagnetism
Physica Scripta 40 761-767 (Published)
1988A New Completly Separable Molecule-like Fourbody System
Phys. Lett. A 133 56-58 (Published)


Please note that this list might not be complete.

1995-2015Analytical and statistical mechanics for systems of many charged particlesTheoretical and computational mechanics