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PhD, Docent
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Teaching Activity

Leader for the following list of courses.
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CourseProg.TitleKTH Info
SG1109 CINEK Mechanics for I SG1109
SG1140 CDEPR Mechanics II SG1140
SG1140 CLGYM-MAFY Mechanics II SG1140
SG1215 CTFYS Strömningsmekanik SG1215


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2019Shallow water wave turbulence
Journal of Fluid Mechanics   (Submitted)
2017A two-dimensional toy model for geophysical turbulence
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2016Mixing efficiency in stratified turbulence
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2016First report of the MILESTONE experiment: strongly stratified turbulence and mixing efficiency in the Coriolis platform
VIIIth International Symposium on Stratified Flows (ISSF)   (Published)
2015A Helmholtz decomposition of structure functions and spectra calculated from aircraft data
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2014Third order structure functions in rotating and stratified turbulence: a comparison between numerical, analytical and observational results
Journal of Fluid Mechancis 755 294-313 (Published)
2014Helicity in the Ekman boundary layer
Journal of Fluid Mechancis 755 654-671 (Published)
2014A numerical study of the unstratified and stratified Ekman layer
Journal of Fluid Mechancis 755 672-704 (Published)
2014Dimensional transition in rotating turbulence
Physical Review E 90 023005 (Published)
2013The route to dissipation in strongly stratified and rotating flows
J. Fluid Mech. 720 66-103 (Published)
2013A new formulation of the spectral energy budget of the atmosphere, with application to two General Circulation Models
Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences   (Accepted)
2011The enstrophy cascade in forced two-dimensional turbulence
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 671 168-183 (Published)
2011Possible explanation of the atmospheric kinetic and potential energy spectra
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2011Direct numerical simulations of stratified open-channel flows
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2010Comment on "Reinterpreting aircraft measurements in anisotropic scaling turbulence" by Lovejoy et al. (2009)
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2010Charney isotropy and equipartition in quasi-geostrophic turbulence
J. Fluid Mech. 656 448-458 (Published)
2010Testing Batchelor's similarity hypotheses for decaying two-dimensional turbulence
Physics of Fluids 22 091704 (Published)
2010Particle Diffusion in Stably Stratified Flows
Proc. iTi Conference on Turbulence IV, Bertinoro, Italy, 2010   (Accepted)
2009Comment on "Turbulent-Condensate Interactions in Two Dimensions"
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2008Passive scalars in stratified turbulence
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J. Fluid Mech.   (Accepted)
2007Stratified turbulence forced in rotational and divergent modes
J. Fluid Mech. 586 83-108 (Published)
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2007Horizontal wavenumber spectra of vertical vorticity and horizontal divergence in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere
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2007A condition on the average Richardson number for weak non-linearity of internal gravity waves
Tellus 59, A 781-784 (Published)
2007Scaling analysis and numerical simulations of strongly stratified turbulent flows
J. Fluid Mech. 585 343-368 (Published)
2006The energy cascade in a strongly stratified fluid
J. Fluid Mech. 550 207--242 (Published)
2005The effect of rotation on the mesoscale energy cascade in the free atmosphere
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2001Horizontal velocity structure functions in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere 1. Observations
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2001Horizontal velocity structure functions in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere 2. Theoretical considerations
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2000Determining the Cascade of Passive Scalar Variance in the Lower Stratosphere
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2000The kinetic energy spectrum of the two-dimensional enstrophy cascade The kinetic energy spectrum of the two-dimensional enstrophy cascade
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1999Correction to the four-fifths law due to variations of the dissipation.
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1998Can the atmospheric kinetic energy spectrum be explained by two-dimensional turbulence?
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1996A note of Kolmogorov´s third order structure function law, the local isotropy hypothesis and the pressure-velocity correlation.
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1992EDQNM and DNS - Comparative calculations.
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Internal Reports

Please note that this list might not be complete.

YearTitleDocument Type
1996Studies in classical turbulence theory Doctoral thesis