Arne Nordmark

PhD, Docent
Phone: int+46 8 790 71 92
Fax: int+46 8 796 98 50
E-mail: nordmark@mech.kth.se
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Room: 2620 Osquars backe 18


PhD in mechanics 1992. Docent in mechanics 1999.

Professional History

At KTH since 1984.

Research and Professional Activities

Research in the dynamics of mechanical systems with discontinuous or impulsive forces.

Teaching Activity

Leader for the following list of courses.
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CourseProg.TitleKTH Info
SG1301 COPEN Mekanik, Påbyggnadskurs SG1301
SG2150 All Rigid body dynamics SG2150


Please note that this list might not be complete. Follow each article link for additional authors.

2016Relativistic version of the Feynman–Dyson–Hughes derivation of the Lorentz force law and Maxwell’s homogeneous equations
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2016Quantitative analysis of the angular dynamics of a single spheroid in simple shear flow at moderate Reynolds numbers
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2015Instability Investigation on Fluid- loaded Pre-stretched Cylindrical Membranes.
Proceedings of Royal Society A 471 20150016 (Published)
2015Parametric Stability Investigations for Hydro-statically Loaded Membranes.
Computers & Structures   (Submitted)
2015Resonances of a submerged fluid-filled spherically isotropic microsphere with partial-slip interface condition
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2015Instability of thin circular membranes subjected to hydro-static loads
International Journal of Non-linear Mechanics   (Accepted)
2015Parametric stability investigations for hydro-statically loaded membranes
Computers and structures   (Accepted)
2015Wrinkling of Cylindrical Membranes with Non-uniform Thickness.
European Journal of Mechanics-A/Solids 54 1-12 (Submitted)
2015Numerical analysis of the angular motion of a neutrally buoyant spheroid in shear flow at small Reynolds numbers
Physical Review E 92 063022 (Published)
2014Free and Constrained Inflation of a Pre-stretched Cylindrical Membrane.
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2014Finite Inflation of Fluid-filled Pre- stretched Cylindrical Membranes.
Proc. of the 27th Nordic Seminar on Computational Mechanics 27 224-227 (Published)
2014Non-unique response of Mooney-Rivlin model in bi-axial membrane stress
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2014Simulation of rowing in an optimization context
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2014Consequences of a double zero eigenvalue for the rotational motion of a prolate spheroid in shear flow
67th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics, Nov. 23–25, 2014, San Francisco, CA.    (Accepted)
2013Magnetic energy of surface currents on a torus
Progress In Electromagnetics Research B 46 357 - 378 (Published)
2013Optimizatin of multiple phase human movements
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2012Instability of hyper-elastic balloon-shaped space membranes under pressure loads
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2011Friction-induced reverse chatter in rigid-body mechanisms with impacts
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2011Activation dynamics in the optimization of targeted movements
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2011Magnetic field and current are zero inside ideal conductors
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2011Friction-induced reverse chatter in rigid-body mechanisms with impacts
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2010Free-time optimization of targeted movements based on temporal FE approximation
Proc. CST2010, Valencia   (Accepted)
2010The comfortable roller coaster — on the shape of tracks with a constant normal force
European journal of physics 31 1307 - 1317 (Published)
2010Temporal finite element formulation of optimal control in mechanisms
Comput Methods Appl Mech Engrg 199 1783-1792 (Published)
2010Static deformation of a heavy spring due to gravity and to centrifugal force
European journal of physics 31 603-609 (Published)
2009Simulation and stability analysis of impacting systems with complete chattering
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2009Discontinuity-induced bifurcations in systems with impacts and friction: Discontinuities in the impact law
International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics 44 1011-1023 (Published)
2008Discontinuity-induced bifurcations of equilibria in piecewise-smooth and impacting dynamical systems
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2008Bifurcations in Nonsmooth Dynamical Systems
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2007The skipping rope curve
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2006A codimension-two scenario of sliding solutions in grazing-sliding bifurcations
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2006Two-parameter discontinuity-induced bifurcations of limit cycles: classification and open problems
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2004Hamiltonian of a homogeneous two-component plasma
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2002Low-velocity Impacts of Quasi-periodic Oscillations
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2002Breaking Symmetries and Constraints: Transitions from 2D to 3D in Passive Walkers
Multibody System Dynamics   (Accepted)
2002Bifurcation of dynamical Systems with sliding: derivations of normal-form mappings
Physica D 170 175-205 (Published)
2002Discontinuity mappings for vector fields with higher order continuity
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2001On a Normal-Form Analysis for a Class of Passive Bipedal Walkers
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2000On the Origin and Bifurcations of Stick-slip Oscillations
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2000Repetitive Gait of Passive Bipedal Mechanisms in a Three-Dimensional Environment
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1999Systems with a preferred spin direction
Proc. R. Soc. Lond. A 455 933-941 (Published)
19993D Passive Walkers: Finding Periodic Gaits in the presence of Discontinuities
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1999Experiments on the Onset of Impacting Motion Using a Pipe Conveying Fluid
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1998Discontinuities in Friction Modeling
Information missing   (Accepted)
1997Universal limit mapping in grazing bifurcations
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1997Bifurcations caused by grazing incidence in many degrees of freedom impact oscillators.
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1996Some results on the electrostatic energy of ionic crystals.
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1995Existance of periodic solutions in grazing bifurcation of impacting mechanical oscillators.
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1994Experimental investigation of some consequences of low velocity impact in the chaotic dynamics of a mechanical systems.
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1994A computer implementation for the interactive study of cell mappings.
Nonlinearity and chaos in engineering mechanics   (Published)
1991Non-periodic motion caused by grazing incidence in an impact oscillator
J. Sound & Vibration 145 279-297 (Published)


Please note that this list might not be complete.

2010-2012Muscle-driven human movementsBiomechanics
2009-2010Balloon mechanicsTheoretical and computational mechanics
1995-2015Analytical and statistical mechanics for systems of many charged particlesTheoretical and computational mechanics